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Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions are only for the usage of JockeyWin available at:


Jockeywin is an application implemented by Jockeywin Company Ltd, to open a window for the public to appear and interact in all races, as Jockeywin is an environment accessible to everyone anywhere. 

In order to enrich the individual's knowledge and lifestyle in the world of horse racing because Jockeywin is based of a mixture of culture, technology, and entertainment.


 (referred to in this phrase as “Jockey Win Company Ltd” / “Jockey Win App”.)

The following is the "Usage Policy" that pertains to your use of the Site or your agreement to accept the terms and conditions of the "Use Policy" "Jockey Win Policy" and "Use Policy".



The registration stage is where the user registers his information to open an account in the application. 


Registration steps:

1. Download the application via Google Play \ App Store.

2. Click on Create a new account, and the user is obligated to register with personal information, a password to be used when login his account.

3. Being sure that the user’s data provided are correct.


1- Conditions:

The application logs in to the account after completing the registration process, where the services are provided according to the following conditions:


• The user undertakes that he is the only person responsible for all the information he has entered.

•The user shall be particularly responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information related to his account through the password and not allowing others to access the account.

• In the event of any illegal use or hacking of his account, the user is obligated to communicate with the management of the "Jockey Win" application immediately.


 • The user is responsible for maintaining the use of the application in all seriousness and credibility and is obligated to compensate “Jockey Win” application for any losses or damages that may occur to the application as a result of any illegal, real or authorized use of his account by him or by any other person who obtained access keys To the account using the user name and password, whether with or without authorization from the user.

• The user undertakes to abide by all the terms and conditions contained and the privacy policy of the application.


2- Provisions:

2-1 Responsibility of Jockey Win:

• "Jockey Win" application does not bear any claims arising from errors or negligence, whether caused directly, indirectly, accidentally, or through a third party.

• Jockey Win management notes that when noticing any suspicious activities that are being planned, committed or carried out through the Jockey Win application or website, it will report to the relevant authorities about these activities. It is not responsible in any way for these violations.

• The user acknowledges that Jockey Win is not responsible for any incorrectly processed transaction or illegal or fraudulent access to the account, user identifiers, and data.

• "Jockey Win" provides the feature of buying tickets to attend the races, in addition to some privileges such as the user joining memberships that provide services and packages with additional fees. It also provides a feature available for subscription with additional fees to follow the exclusive and live races (DigitalTV).

• You can choose the horse nominated to win in your opinion on the “application” and provide us with interactive information during the race. After you follow the race, your candidacy for the winning horse can be considered, as your points in the application will then be increased according to the price points for each horse based on the race owner’s own policy.

• To benefit from the points in the "Jockey Win" application, you can choose from various features within the application, such as shopping from stores that provide goods related to the world of equestrian and horse racing.


2-2 Modifications of "Jockey Win":

• The user is agreeing that "Jockey Win" has the authority to modify the terms and conditions or the usage policy at any time without the need to notify the user, and according to these modifications, the user's obligations may be doubled according to any modifications that may be made to this user agreement.

• You acknowledge and agree that Jockey Win reserves the right to modify all or any part of the privacy policy and terms and conditions without bearing legal responsibility, and we may try to send reminders periodically via e-mail with the amendments to the privacy policy and terms and conditions, but you should check By your frequent visit to our site to see the latest changes to it.

• The Jockey Win application is in constant renewal to make its use an enjoyable experience for users to create an interactive experience with the racing environment and the audience, and you acknowledge and agree that Jockey Win Company Ltd, which owns the Jockey Win application, may provide new services from time to time without notice to you. so in advance.


2-3 warnings and suspension of accounts:

• Any suspicious operations that the user is obliged to disclose. In the event of failure to respond, "Jockey Win Company Ltd" has the right to suspend the account until the process is completed, and we are not responsible for any compensation for any losses or damages of any kind, whether direct or indirect.

• Under the rules and provisions of this Employment Agreement, in the event of a dispute, the dispute will be resolved through conciliation, negotiations, or amicable settlement, and if the dispute persists, it will be resolved by the competent authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

• In the event of suspension of the account, the sections of this Agreement shall remain in effect in accordance with its provisions.


2-4 Intellectual Property:

• Users of the Jockey Win must respect the intellectual property rights of the application, including the application itself, and the words, logos, and other symbols displayed on it, as the Jockey Win application, and every right that follows it, are rights protected by property rights. Intellectual property and trademark laws are the exclusive property of "Jockey Win Company Ltd" and are not entitled in any way to infringe or use them without authorization from the management of "Jockey Win".


2-5 Technical Support:

• Under these terms of use, the Jockey Win application provides some technical support services to users, for example:

1. The user has the right to communicate with the technical support team for the "Jockey Win" application through the means of communication mentioned in this agreement and to resolve electronic technical issues that may arise on his account.


2-6 Contact information:

Thank you for using “Jockey Win Application” which is owned by “Jockey Win Company Ltd” a company registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



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